Model TTF-1

Pressure transducer

OEM-version, Thin-film technology

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Applications of the pressure transducer

  • Applications with limited mounting space
  • Hydraulic applications
  • Assembly for pressure transmitters, pressure switches and digital pressure gauges

Special Features of the pressure transducer

  • Measuring ranges 0 ... 10 bar to 0 ... 1,000 bar
  • Non-linearity < 0.5 % of span
  • Wetted parts from stainless steel
  • Medium temperature -40 ... +125 °C
  • Output signal in mV/V

Description of the pressure transducer

Robust sensor element
The cylindrical measuring cell of the pressure transducer model TTF-1, as standard, is made from robust stainless steel and as a result exhibits high overpressure and burst pressure safety. For specific applications suitable materials are optionally available.

Using thin-film technology a Wheatstone measuring bridge is applied to the diaphragm of the measuring cell. Thin-film technology, compared to other technologies, enables a particularly high long-term stability, since the bonding is made at an atomic level.

The pressure transducer TTF-1 is made up of a dry measuring cell, which is welded directly to the pressure connection. As a result, the pressure transducer TTF-1 has no weak points as would occur, for example, when sealing with O-rings or adhesive bonding.

Customer-specific designs
For the pressure transducer TTF-1 a large selection of standard designs is already available and is manufactured on a flexible production line. This flexibility in manufacturing enables us to offer custom designs from a minimum order quantity of 1,000 pieces.

Technical aspects
The measuring cell is temperature compensated between -40 ... +100 °C and offers a linear output signal.

Since the output signal is available as the pure bridge signal, the final accuracy of the customer application can be set by the customer via appropriate compensation of the zero point and span offsets.

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