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A thermocouple is a temperature sensor which delivers an electrical voltage that is dependant on the temperature. It is suitable, unlike resistance thermometers, for measuring higher temperatures (up to 1,700 °C). A further advantage is the minimal diameter of a sheathed thermocouple. When used without a thermowell, this delivers exceptionally short response times. Thermocouples, in general, react faster than resistance thermometers.

Within the WIKA range you will find the right thermocouple for each application:

Thermocouples including thermowells

A thermowell keeps aggressive substances and other harmful influences away from the temperature sensor itself. Operators and the environment are thus protected.

Flanged thermocouples with thermowells in stainless steel are designed for installation in vessels and pipes. Threaded thermocouples are suitable for direct screw-fitting to the process. With high-temperature thermocouples, the thermoelectric wires of the thermocouple are built into the thermowell. Thus, extremely high temperatures can be measured. Thermocouples for flue-gas temperature measurement are suitable for temperature measurement in gaseous media in the low pressure range (up to approx. 1 bar).

Thermocouples for mounting in a thermowell

These thermocouples can be combined with a large number of thermowell designs. Through the individual build-up of connection head, sensor, insertion length, etc., you can have a thermometer suited to each thermowell dimension and each application.

Thermocouples for direct installation in the process

These instruments are used whenever a temperature measurement must be made with a thermocouple directly in the process. Thermometers without thermowells are suited for all applications where there is no chemically aggressive media and no abrasion.

Thermocouples - surface probes

For surface temperature measurement, within the WIKA range you will find thermocouples with surface probes. Various designs enable measurements on flat surfaces - including inside combustion furnaces and on pipes in industrial and laboratory applications. These thermocouples can also be mounted directly into bored holes..

Thermocouples for the plastics industry

These hot-runner thermocouples are designed specifically for use in the plastics industry. They are suitable for measuring tasks where they are press-fitted into a grooved channel along the machined parts or where the metal sensor tip is fitted directly into a drilled hole.

Thermocouples - customised solutions

Whether high-pressure thermocouples for application in polyethylene synthesis or multipoint thermocouples for the chemical industry - WIKA's wide product portfolio offers a multitude of customised thermocouples.

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