Ettore Cella pressure and temperature switches

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The high-quality pressure and temperature switches from Ettore Cella have been part of the WIKA portfolio for many years. They will continue to be sold under the Ettore Cella label.

Ettore Cella pressure switches

On rising above or dropping below a predefined pressure, with the aid of a pressure switch, a current circuit can be opened or closed. Pressure switches are used for simple industrial processes as well as for specific, safety-critical applications. The high-quality micro switches in Ettore Cella pressure switches offer distinct advantages: They enable the direct switching of electrical loads of up to 15 A/220 V and the pressure switches also offer high precision and long-term stability.

When low switching powers are required, Ettore Cella pressure switches with gold-plated contacts are available. For safety-critical applications, we can also offer you pressure switches with SIL 2 certification in accordance with IEC 61508. Pressure switches in Ex-ia and Ex-d designs for hazardous areas complete the portfolio.

Ettore Cella temperature switches

Ettore Cella temperature switches feature SIL 2 approval in accordance with IEC 61508 and are particularly suitable for use in safety-critical applications. With their robust stainless steel design, they are even resistant against extreme environmental conditions. For Nace, offshore, tropical or ammonia applications we offer Ettore Cella temperature switches with optional equipment for special usein special designs. For hazardous areas, there are Ex-ia or Ex-d variants available, with a minimum electrical ingress protection of IP 65.

Fitted with micro switches, Ettore Cella temperature switches can be used for the direct switching of an electrical load of up to 15 A/ 220 V AC. Optionally, there are temperature switches available with protective gas-filled micro switches with gold-plated contacts, and these can also be used for the switching of smaller loads.

The temperature switches can be designed with a 2 to 10 metre long capillary, which is protected by a flexible spiral protective sleeve made of stainless steel. Furthermore, all Ettore Cella temperature switches feature GOST® approval.

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