WIKA UK – December 2020 – No-deal Brexit Plan

The UK officially left the EU on the 31st January 2020 and entered into a transition period during which we will continue to abide by the rules of the EU whilst negotiating a new trade agreement with our largest trading partner. 

This transition period ends on the 31st December 2020 and despite negotiations continuing right up to the deadline, we have been advised by the UK Government to prepare for a no-deal, which will mean trading with the EU on WTO rules.

Essentially this will mean any goods arriving from the EU or leaving for the EU, will be subject to the normal customs processes already in place for our other third party trading partners.

WIKA UK have taken this process very seriously and have been preparing for this eventuality to ensure minimal disruption to our valued customers and suppliers. We have the following in place ready for 1st January 2021.

  1. We formed a group wide Brexit review task force to ensure a smooth transition to the new rules.

  2. We have been registered to the UK Government’s transition service and have worked through the checklist of applicable actions.

  3. We have identified our key fast moving product lines which are critical to our customers’ businesses and have -

    1. Encouraged our customers to hold their own maximum stocks levels.

    2. Increased our buffer stocks in the UK to cover any period of custom delays.

    3. Moved an element of already agreed buffer stocks held at our EU factories to the UK. 

  4. We have agreements and arrangements in place with key Freight Forwarders to ensure continued supply of goods into and out of the UK and to mitigate the risk of customs delays, including alterative air freight arrangements if required.

  5. We have the necessary registrations and facilities in place to ensure no customs administration delays, including an EORI number, an XI VAT number and Trader Support Service registration for trade with Northern Ireland, and a deferment account with HMRC.

  6. We have a project in progress to undertake the necessary changes to product certifications post Brexit, which will be completed within the set deadline in 2021.

We encourage any of our trading partners and related companies to make contact with us if they have any direct concerns.

Jonathan Peaurt
Managing Director