Model A2G-80

Ventilation duct probe for air quality, VOC

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    • For measuring the room air quality
      The greater the output signal of the probe (0 ... 10 V), the worse the air quality.
    • Mixed-gas sensors detect gases and vapours which can be oxidised (burned): Body odours, tobacco smoke, extracts from materials (furniture, carpets, paint coatings, adhesives, etc.)
    • In applications where air quality is essential, e.g. buildings, offices, classrooms, kitchens etc.

Special features

    • Presetting of the set point for the required air quality during installation.
    • Low consumption reduces energy costs


The model A2G-80 ventilation duct probe is used for the detection of mixed gases in air ducts. The measurement of the air quality is made using a mixed gas/VOC sensor which determines the duct air quality on the basis of volatile organic substances. These are gases which can be perceived by the human olfactory organ, such as body odour, tobacco smoke, evaporation from materials (furniture, carpets, paint, glue etc.).

The A2G-80 is ideally suited as an indicator for ventilation and air-conditioning systems and is also designed for connection to control and indication systems.

The offset values can be adjusted via a setting potentiometer on the instrument. This ventilation duct probe features an impact and shatterproof case.