Model 910.80


for pressure measuring instruments

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Applications of the monoflange

  • Block-and-bleed valve manifold for pressure gauges, or measuring liquids, gases and vapours
  • For corrosive pressure media, and also aggressive environments
  • For industrial process plants within: machine building, general plant construction, chemical/petrochemical, power stations, mining, on- and offshore and environmental technology

Special Features of the monoflange

  • Compact design
  • Flange connection per DIN/EN or ASME B16.5, axially mounted flange (radial flange on request)
  • Heavy duty block-and-bleed manifold
  • Anti-tamper bleed valve with key

Description of the monoflange

For connections to the process using connection flanges, the monoflange enables an optimal and compact measuring point assembly.

In addition, stress from vibration, potential leak points as well as installation and maintenance costs are reduced.

The monoflange is mounted directly onto the axial flange (radial flange on request), allowing the gauge to be kept in an upright position.

The monoflange includes a block valve, a bleed valve and a vent hole.

ASME B16.5 version
Flange body nominal size: 1/2"
Low pressure model: 600 lbs, RF, weight 1.9 kg
High pressure model: 2,500 lbs, RF, weight approx. 3 kg

DIN/EN version
Flange body nominal size DN 25, pressure rating PN 40, weight 2.9 kg

Other pressure ratings and nominal sizes of the monoflange (DN) on request

Monoflange, model 910.80

Monoflange, model 910.80

  • Monoflange, model 910.80
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